Pop Survivor Is Here.

Well Past Midnight, July 26, 2011:

Electricity in The Bunker is at a premium, and network strength is weak. The forces of blandness surround us all. And yet, through the mist, the mysterious Mister Stick, missing since 1987, has risen to finally deliver The Word.

And Pop Survivor shall be his platform.

July 26 will forever be known as Day One of the Blog. Mister Stick has chosen this launch date as a way to commemorate that holy day of noise in 1965 when Bob Dylan swapped his acoustic guitar for a Telecaster, and set the amplifier to ‘stun’. Pop Survivor may not be able to move the ball forward with the same explosive force of that first electric chord at Newport, but Mister Stick and The Caretakers will not stand aside while the culture grows more and more rank and the mundane is celebrated instead of persecuted.

The Manifesto has been posted. The Bunker is stocked with essential, craft-brewed supplies, as well as piles of acclaimed vinyl gems. We have King Dons, and we have coffee. The Hounds of Rebellion guard the door, and an offering is being laid at the Stereo Altar. The conversations will soon begin, and the glory of music will once again be recognized for what it is: Divine fuel.

Become a Follower. Transfer your allegiance to Pop Survivor today.

Get stunned.


Last album played: Original Soundtrack – I’m Not There

3 thoughts on “Pop Survivor Is Here.

  1. Falconstein, I regret to inform you that you have broken the Third Law.

    When The Laws are not observed, it makes Mister Stick “uncomfortable”, and while he is often too kind to point out the failings of others, he is more than willing to vent his frustrations on me.

    Please read the Manifesto and observe The Laws from here on out.


    G Burris, Caretaker, Enforcer of The Laws

    PS – Last album listened to – David Bowie, “Stage” (see, I didn’t break the law)

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