At Pop Survivor nothing comes before The First Law: There is no rock music, and there is no country. Techno does not exist, and neither does jazz. Disco was a just a bad dream, and Americana is a strange, unfounded rumor. The First Law goes on to state that there are really only two kinds of music: The Good and The Bad. The Good will be celebrated. And The Bad will be isolated, starved, and forgotten.

The Second Law: Pop Survivor shall inform its readers and will berate its targets at will. The blog will be controlled solely by The Caretakers, and the First Caretaker is Mister Stick. Those who are not Caretakers shall be among either The Followers or The Forgotten. Their fates are self-evident.

The Third of The Laws: Pop Survivor will honor The Record Album as a means to honor The Human. All Followers, when granted the right to post, should do so by pseudonym and will always note the last Album that they listened to before posting or that they are listening to during posting. The Caretakers urge you to play an Album while posting, and also the rest of the time, just to be safe.

Our Fourth Law:  Pop Survivor will be righteous. And The Caretakers and Followers will be, logically, self-righteous.

Law Number Five: Music is above The Law. Regardless, always be ready for more laws.

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