“We could have been called The Shoes..”

Glenn has given me the unfortunate duty of choosing a runner-up to his award-winning name for a future Beatles cover band… And I prefer the image of a ‘cover’ band, don’t you? As opposed to ‘tribute’ impersonator acts like the frothing 1964, or Rain. These people actually have chosen to forfeit their personalities as some weird affectation to a band whose essential message was “Be Yourself”. Playing the songs is one thing. Selling off your mental health is something else altogether.

Anyway, on to the grudge match:

9 Followers presented entries. While some leaned toward sexual innuendo (Finger Pies), the heavy trend was clearly toward black humor, as with Heather Mills’ Leg, which would actually be a better name for a Wings cover band (and, yeah, they got those, too).

Sadly, a lot of good entries are already in play, and therefore DQ’ed: The aforementioned Pies, Beatle Juiced, and Bigger Than Jesus – all real bands. Probably less-than-successful bands, but bands just the same.

Local Yokos had real merit. But even that has been procured: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhn9FbkX3I4

Don’t quit your day job, girls. Though I can’t imagine what kind of job that would be.

Dig A Pony is good clean choice, and was submitted by two people. It has exactly what you want in a cover name: It only means something to fans of the original band, but it won’t scare anybody off.

And Mean Mr. Ketchup really is not as bad as its author thought it was.

But the runner-up is clearly BLIND LENNON JEFFERSON. The options available to a band with that name are endless. They could play the Fabs’ catalog completely in blues versions, wear sunglasses and face the back of the stage…

So the Second Place award goes to one Brad Steiner of Seattle, Washington. Brad will have his choice of slightly-sticky CDs from this list of unwanted stash:

  • Run DMC – Down With The King
  • Pixies – Trompe Le Monde
  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Milk And Honey
And the winner? As usual, Glenn had you all outfoxed, with: JACK BOOTS AND KILT
Get a dose of him.
Album being played now: Still on the Dylan… Although the Run DMC “Now we’re Christians, Boyee!” record is looking tastier by the minute. Maybe Brad will pass on that one.